Maoyuan #SSW16

              ISO9001&ISO14001 certified manufacturer Maoyuan is to attend Supplyside West2016(#SSW16) on coming Oct with its products camptothecin, andrographis extracts(andrographolides)rutin,10-hydroxycamptothecin and 7-ethyl-10-hydroxycamptothecin. The Supplyside West2016 is to be held Oct 6-7,2016 at hotel Mandabay in city Las Vegas, it is a big get-together of suppliers & buyers of the nutruceuticals, dietary supplements including herbal extracts-andrographis extracts, camptothecins and rutin.
              Buyers and manufactueres of nutruceticals, dietary supplements are all welcomed to visit Maoyuan at Stand LL171#SSW16.It shall be a good chance for buyers to know more about camptothecin, andrographis extracts, rutin and other camptothecin series extracts of Maoyuan Biochem by face-to-face talk and communicate.
               Maoyuan prepare to take following extracts samples there on the stand LL171 during SSW16:
              1.Camptothecin 98%,99%
              2. Natural Resveratrol 98% 
              3.Andrographis (dry)extract with andrographolide10%,50%,98%.
              4.  10-Hydroxycamptothecin 99%
              5. SN-38(Irinotecan Related compound B)99%
              Why not meet at LL171 for more details about Maoyuan and Maoyuan's extracts like andrographis extract, camptothecin,rutin and bergenin at #SSW16? See you there.


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